Project PIXIE Episode 6 – Dreamers


Previously, the PIXIE facility had an infiltrator who was after the organization’s secrets. Mikhail and Anitchka confessed their feelings for each other, and no one was surprised.

In the days following the intrusion, the psychics recover and are introduced to a new method of warfare. They will learn to delve deep into dreams and return, laden with secrets.

Side Chatter


  • Zach – Alexandra “Sasha” Lagunov. Athletic tomboy. Pressed into service with The Project.  Possesses the ability of chronomanipulation.
  • Manda – Anitchka Sylvestrova. Died once before in a car accident but was revived.  Possesses the abilities of astral projection, mediumship, and necrocommunication.
  • Matt – Leo Lucasovich Petrovski.  Former olympic gymnast who was talent scouted by The Project.  Possesses telekinesis.
  • Josh – Mikhail. Picked up by the Project early in his life.  It is uncertain who his parents are.  Most senior member of the team.  Possesses the powers of gravity manipulation.
  • Charlie – Arsen Ziman.  Born to a poor family in the steppes.  Joined The Project to learn medicine.  Possesses the abilities of motor manipulation and psychic surgery.


  1. Huh, so that’s what the “Magic School Bus” would be like in Russia. I see Nayt was channeling his inner Ms. Frizzle with this one. XD Awesome session.

      1. Author

        Dude how do you keep being so awesome?

  2. “Shrugs” I like to show my appreciation for the games you folks do and share with the rest of us in an equally creative way.
    Thanks by the way. 😀
    Glad you guys like the art.

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