Mrs Frieda’s 80 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 10 – Phoenicia


Mt. Pleasant was saved, even if not from the desecration of its innocence. The group has moved on – their full destination ahead.

But there is a moment of nightmare in store. Their new location is imbued with darkness. There, a traveler waits – a Wanderer in the Dark. Following him will lead the group onto a path that will change their lives forever.

Side Chatter



  1. Wow, I really need to brush up on my Greek mythology. This whole time, since the first mention of “Ithaca” so many sessions ago, I have thought you guys were just referencing and strangely pronouncing (to me anyway) “Ithaqua”. This suddenly makes much more sense. XD

  2. Omg the love scene with manny and eddy was uugghh I don’t know how what to feel about this. shit I’ll just ship manny with every one!! xDD

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