Mrs Friedas 81 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 11 – Homecoming


The final leg of the Alaska journey is in progress, the bus now full of slightly awkward tension and with one hundred percent more legendary swords.

The border crossing out of Canada is dead ahead. Beyond, Juno and the truth. Scott is close to finally knowing his family’s history and the secret of his existence.

Side Chatter



  1. God damn, that first half was dark and serious and pretty interesting with the concept of sorcerers apprentice. Then I got to the second half… and Crazy Ivan’s Concept Emporium in Persistencia… while having lunch… at work… that was mildly embarrassing. XD

    In a related note, have you guys contemplated a one shot or mini-campaign perhaps where the characters venture into Persistencia? where the primary setting is Persistencia? Possibly different characters from different time periods that all meet in Persistencia?

    For some reason I keep relating Persistencia like the Dreamlands of Lovecraft… maybe with a touch of wonderland, and dab of Oz, and just a sprinkle of every drug trip… EVER!

    Great session. Josh really made my day.

  2. Who was the first demon that Manny’s met? I get the feeling it wasn’t the Shopkeeper, and unless he met Mann on paper…

  3. It makes sense to people who were in the origin as well, though bid tittied feather bitches will live on in infamy.

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