Mrs Frieda’s 78: Scott’s Odyssey Part 8 – The Siren


The long journey to Alaska swings north now, to a small town wrapped in snow and cold, filled with dread and waiting for liberation.

Here, Megacorp has its hands in some very nasty things. It’s up to the wayward travelers to free the town.



  1. Ok, this has been bugging me for a while. I understand that Mount Pleasant is a fictional town but where even roughly was it suppose to be where it is heavily wooded in North Dakota. Google mapped it a couple of times and all I see is open land and scatter croppings of trees? where are these “woody” places?

    1. Author

      I don’t think I ever defined Mount Pleasant as particularly well-forested. The park had a batch of trees nearby but that was about it.

      1. About 47 minutes in Nate describes parts of the town as “hilly” and “woody”.
        Manny: “Sure noticing all these trees all of a sudden.”

        I apologies for this silly comment, it was just something that was on my mind when I was listening/ re-listening to this game. Also wow, posted that initial comment a long time ago. sorry for the silliness.

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