Mrs Frieda’s 73: Scott’s Odyssey Part 3 – The Lotus Eaters


Persistencia: land of beauty, incoherence, and brilliant confusion. The bus carrying the Alaska-bound adventures slipped carefully across the bounds of reality and ended up firmly in this swirling chaos.

In order to escape, the kids must unravel the inherent logic of Persistencia and make a deal with someone who is probably much, much worse than the Devil.



  1. Yay you guys are Awesome THIS PODCAST IS AWESOME

    1. Thanks! We have a lot of fun playing, glad you enjoy it.

  2. Man, I know the game names and session are themed “The Odyssey”, but I really feel this should have been titled “Scott’s Hell” or “Nate’s Divine Comedy”? lol

    Seriously I LOVE this session, the shop deal making sequence was so intense and AWESOME! It’s quite possibly my favorite or second Favorite Frieda’s session. It’s a close tie so far.

    1. Author

      I wanted to call it “Scott Valle vs The World.”

      Also Kevin is the best at playing the shopkeeper.

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