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Hello internet! We’d like to give a warm welcome to all of our new listeners. We’re very glad to have y’all.

Most of you are here looking for Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home, which begins here. This is our flagship campaign.  Run in Monsters and Other Childish Things, it focuses on a group of supernaturally gifted (or cursed) teenagers in a Halfway Home in the midwestern city of Troy. They get into and cause a lot of trouble. This story is in a season break; Seasons 1 and 2 are all available for you right now

Our currently posting games: Eclipse Phase, and Rogue Trader. Both are science fiction games, but radically different in settings. Eclipse Phase is a hard-scifi horror espionage game, while Rogue Trader is an exploration and discovery game in the Warhammer 40k setting.

Other things worth listening to: check out the sidebar for all of our campaigns and one-off games.

You can find us on twitter, @TheDrunkandUgly, on Facebook, and on our forums (available by the handy button on the right of the page).

We also do a twice-weekly Youtube Let’s Play channel!

All of the show’s episodes are available on iTunes, as well as on the site.

Join in the conversation in the comment threads of the episodes, as well as the active forum!

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