Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 3


The Firewall team is going undercover, posing as Jared Dirac and his team of anonymous Red Devil terrorists. They have received an itinerary of sorts, and have already completed the first task; a daring raid on a TITAN infested settlement on the outskirts of the Titan Quarantine Zone.

There, they recovered a strand of dangerous nanotech for the terrorists, and almost lost Griswold Stuart to an attack by the site’s fractal guardians. Having survived their brush with horrific death, the Firewall Sentinels are poised to carry out a robbery on the Ashoka 22, a maglev train carrying a hypercorp’s secret cargo.

Side Chatter


  • James – TOM (The Optimal Man). An AI programmed in a lunar laboratory, designed to be able to crack any digital protection and retrieve any data (as well as be the best psychotherapist in the known ‘verse). His accent algorithms are slowly degrading.
  • Travis – John Clastion.  Survivor of the Fall, he runs a delivery service on Mars, preferring to use his feet instead of mundane transport. He also knows all about the drugs of the transhuman future and the criminals and cartels that supply them.
  • Kevin – Griswold Stuart. Griswold Stuart is a 23rd century man, born in a 21st century man’s body, living in an AF10 world.  Reformed by Firewall, he did his best to adapt to his new world and his new place in it.  Formerly a programmer, business executive, and playboy, he is no longer sure of his own memories, much less his identity.
  • Josh – Sam Franklin. Originally a police officer with a wife, house, and the American Dream.  Left the force when he realized how corrupt it was and signed up with Direct Action.  After a long service that cost him his body and some of his memories, he works freelance for anyone who can pay, looking for his wife and his missing time.
  • Matt – Noah Lucas.  A kangaroo uplift egohunter and x-caster who escaped from Earth during the fall.  Now works towards making sure no uplifts are abused or exploited in the same way he was before the end of the world worked in his favor.


  1. Just awesome, this was amazing, fun great and all those other things

    1. Personally I prefer, Twitch+Necrosis in my Wasp Knives
      Fixers programmed to use Material found in armor to make Thermite

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