Rogue Trader Episode 3 – Footfall


Things could have gone worse for the crew of The Brigand’s Lament. They came out of their unexpected detour with a new transport ship to add to the Schoenerberg dynasty and a useful new subordinate: the strange, yet incredibly friendly Xenos girl, Cavianne Omette. No immediate profit is gained, but a substantial investment is had, one that can possibly assist the dynasty very, very well in the future.

The crew continues where they left off, back tracking past the port of Footfall and off for their fabled treasure ship. Except there’s an asteroid belt in their way, and an ecclesiarchy ship nestled amongst the debris, damaged and desperately sending vox transmissions for help–yet never once returning a single attempt at direct communication with Lord-Captain Schoenerberg.

Sadly, there are about fifteen minutes of the beginning of this recording that are missing. All that’s missing is a segment where Scire does medicine to the resident astropath, and Avi gets lost in the twisting maze that comprises the halls of The Brigand’s Lament. To summarize, she called Siegmund on vox, and when he asked where she was, she said she “passed by a sign that said free oranges,” to which Siegmund said, “NO. DO NOT FOLLOW THAT SIGN.”


  • Kevin – Fascire “Scire” Gravitas.  Explorator and Enginseer Prime of the Brigand’s Lament.  A large machine-man obsessed with technologies new and old alike, about to encounter his best. Day. Ever. Also he now has four arms.
  • Travis – Winter Breze.  Astropath Transcendent, Transubstantial Initiate and Choir Master Telepathica.   A young woman who, in the process of becoming a sanctioned psyker of the Imperium of Man, lost who eyes, youth, and beauty. She treats the bridge crew like her own children or grandchildren.
  • Nate – Cavianne Omette.  Xenos mercenary.
  • Josh – Lord-Captain Siegmund Schönerberg.  The young Rogue Trader and last survivor of the Schoenerberg dynasty. Tall, dark haired, handsome, and very, very good natured and moral, despite what the grim darkness of the far future promotes.
  • Sam – Malakai Carver.  Arch-Militant.  A large, grizzled warrior with a pretty fantastically braided beard and an affinity for collecting guns. Lots and lots of guns.


  1. I am actually going to start playing 40k because of the Rogue Trade rp you guys do…

    1. Oh man, that’s sweet. I play tyranids myself, if it wasn’t obvious.

  2. I am listening and posting a response, guys.

    1. Sadly that lost my place in the AP because the page refreshed.

  3. Lots of fun all as always a great time.

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