Charles Boutin’s long conspiracy has been fully revealed. The Firewall team dived into the depths of Luna and found the tree that would end all life: the TITAN shadowseed, grown into fruition by Boutin. The ex-PROX-E’s revenge and legacy must be stopped. The Sentinels must destroy Boutin and the thing that he calls his son at all costs.

Read the campaign’s epilogue, HOSTEL COMPLEX, here.

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The Lunar Deep Delve is a sunken shaft of hell. The Sentinels have dropped into the festering pit of Boutin’s final play. TITAN has taken root here in the heart of the Moon, and it is up to the Firewall agents to cleanse the corruption with fire.

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The Firewall team spent some time under the radar, investigating their next lead. There is one final account payment on Luna to track down, and the team is scrambling to put together all of the information they’ve uncovered. Charles Boutin, traitor, mastermind, and murderer, is still steps ahead of them.

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Kidnapping, industrial espionage, murder, and grand theft VTOL: just another day on the Moon.

The team is now moving on their lead in the city of Nectar. Boutin is still steps ahead of them, and his true plan and intentions have not yet coalesced.

Meanwhile, Noah has set off to Clever Hands, the habitat owned by Somatek, following an invitation to take up an ego bounty on a dangerous uplift renegade.

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The Firewall team conducted a security sweep of its own morphs, and discovered some perilously intriguing things. Someone in Firewall has been going to great lengths to instill Griswold with the memories of Richard Connor, Fall Criminal and disgraced Hypercorp CEO. Their motivations are unknown, and the Sentinels are quickly realizing they are even further over their heads than they knew. All in all, it’s been an eventful first day on Luna.

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