Prominence, SC: Witch Solo – For the Woman Who Has Nothing


In 2007, a few months before hostilities between the government and the IRA cease, a young woman is becoming war. A member of an IRA splinter group, Aaliyah finds herself plunged into danger and violence near-constantly.

Thankfully, this is where she thrives.


  • Nate – Aaliyah Rhodes (The Witch). Broken, socially cautious, and relaxed. Aaliyah is a Heinz 57 of social disorders. Her inability to feel bad about justified murder could label her a sociopath.  Upon the resurgence of masks in Prominence, Aaliyah, known by Walker’s men as “The Witch,” fashioned a suit and mask for herself, and used any excuse available to meet these masks — people she instantly idolized.  With her former boss no longer in power.

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  1. It was hard to get through this one, seeing as how The Witch is my least favorite hero. After all, she did kill the Olympians entire family, and disfigured his niece. She really hasn’t been redeemed herself at all in my eyes.

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