Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 62 – Speak Your Mind


MEANWHILE, ALREADY IN PROGRESS: Tim, Etsu, and Jingles find themselves on the edges of the final confrontation with Hackman. A hostage situation is underway, and it’s calling for an ex-MIB agent to deal with it.

A band of exhausted, beaten, and broken kids emerges from the aftermath of the Hackman showdown. Can any of them ever be the same?

Side chatter



  1. I’m less than three minutes in, and already I’m all ‘Yaaaay Jingles’. It’s been so long.

  2. Now admittedly, I’ve been casually catching up on Frieda’s (Partially because I get burnt out by weird kid/real world drama every so often). That aside, Holy shit! Sam, Why must George be so hate-able one minute and so likable the next! Why must you play with our emotions so!!! Great Job, Everyone.

    Also, Jingles = undead shenanigans!

  3. Why does Butch’s army keep reminding me of the Foot Clan from the first “TMNT” film? In fact, why does this whole session/game start reminding me of the first “TMNT” film? XD

  4. I love how Jingles can automatically tell Mann is Manny’s mom, and Mann just reacts with “…YOU DID NOT SEE ME. I DO NOT EXIST.”
    “I am ethnically insulted and I’m not even that ethnicity!” Tim X Alicia forever.
    Seriously considering a Frieda’s AU wherein the kids are all nighttime super-powered vigilantes…

    1. “Hello Internet. We’re playing Wild Talents. This is Friedas’ Session One.”

      1. Author

        What is this in regards to?

        1. The references to “the two people breaking up the hostage situation” being identified as “McGuyver and No One”. They sound vaguely like vigilante pseudonyms.

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