Sordid Dystopia – Heavy is the Head Which Controls the Battle

Rough and tumble members of the Vontais Explorer’s Guild are on their way to an outpost of the Polin Trading Company, seeking work and the latest news. The outpost is located in the center of a swamp, and the land is as foreboding as it is desolate.

From here, they are asked to track down a missing caravan. Their journey will take them deep into the heart of danger.


Side chatter


  • Sean – Mr. Popwell Anger.  A sculptor from New Xexoria.  Stocky, tough, rugged, and no-nonsense.  Loves him tobac.
  • Matt – Richard Tinsdale.   A Vontais hunter.  Big, standoutish man and swamp man.  One step removed from society.  Covers himself in thick furs.
  • Charlie – Raison Dumoulin.  A cavalier for the Vontais army.  Great at horseback riding and lancing people. Very tall, heterochromatic.
  • Zach – Rene Templeton.  A student of cartography and astronomy.  While confident in his abilities, he’s easily cowed by anyone attempting to exert authority over him.  Nevertheless, he’s intellectually curious and eager to prove his worth with abilities.


  1. “One is carrying a spear, one has a nocked arrow, one’s just smoking a pipe…”

    it’s all the funnier imagining it’s in the deeper waters and he’s smoking his pipe like a reed/snorkel, the only thing visible on him out of the water

    but overall, probably my favorite Sordid session thus far. just a real weird, fun party

  2. Dammit Sean! I was gonna make the Zuul reference!

  3. Loved this session! And the ending reminds me that not all boss battles need to be extremely hard. You can have an entire game with no rolls at all. Or no combat. It’s not like 2 combats every game is necessary.

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