Mrs. Frieda’s Session 46 – An Inflammation of the Kidnap

George and Emma are in the middle of a public park. Emma’s bleeding, her hair sawed off, crying into his shoulder. And it’s all George’s fault. He crossed about every line possible and betrayed his friends and somehow managed to cover his tracks.

Scott, Nele, and Mann are still tracking George. Will they manage to uncover enough of the trail to expose what he’s done?

Side chatter



  1. I love Elder Dane. I imagine he goes home every night – when he actually GETS to go home from work – and drinks heavily.

  2. George’s comment with the shampoo was perfect, just perfect.

  3. I think I’ve figured out how you guys work sessions. There are five sessions working up to the shitstorm. One episode is a shitstorm. This is followed by two cooldown sessions. Then the whole process repeats. Somewhere in there is an episode devoted purely to drama.

    1. Author

      That was about the rhythm we started building after a while. You can’t just do dark and dramatic all the time or it loses its punch and drags everything down.

  4. Where’d all that side chatter come from, is that all from this one session? Weren’t you going to track Emma from the coffee shop to the park but they just went strait to the hospital! They could of found out a lot of stuff out at the park. And James is the best at all this psychologists stuff!!! Love you! No homo. A little homo. Only a little.

    1. Oh yeah!!!! What happened to Tim’s and 2Dope’s adventure to the robot! I wanted to see that.

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