Mrs. Frieda’s Side Stories – “Blood In, Blood Out”

Manny’s had a hard time lately. He’s been going through some problems, dealing with some issues, and it’s about time that he has a chance to talk to a professional about it.

Side chatter



  1. Manny’s guilt and attempts at contrition have turned him into my favourite main character. Poor kid gets dragged through so much crap.

    Also, more Caleb. Always good. I was afraid after the first one or two appearances that he would just recede into the background. Glad he’s appearing more often, ’cause Shawty’s an awesome monster.

    1. I’ll be honest, as both a player and GM in this campaign, I have a hard time seeing Manny as anything but the main character of Frieda’s. It’s strange, because I know that there’s so much going on with everyone else, everyone pretty well shares an equal amount of screen time, etc, etc, but he’s got the proper personality for a main protagonist of a teenage supernatural drama series, and paired with the fact that he was the very first character introduced, it makes it really difficult for me to see him as anything less than the main protagonist of the series!

      I have a similar issue with Scott, too. He also has the right kind of personality for a primary protagonist role. If he had as much screen time as Manny has, it’d be a big toss up for me between the two of them.

      1. I can agree to that. He’s got well-established relationships with just about everybody, his actions often steal the spotlight, and his storylines appear to have more long-reaching importance than others. (Though that’s probably debatable. MOST of the storylines are long-reaching. His just stand out more because they answer questions I’ve had from the very beginning, like ‘What the hell is he?’ and ‘Who were his parents?’) Also helps that he’s connected to Ven, who could easily be the star of his own set of games.

        I’d agree with you on Scott if it weren’t for his sometimes-crippling timidity. At this point it appears that George is slowly becoming the primary antagonist, albeit in a delightfully subtle fashion, and it seems more appropriate for Manny to have the honours of duking it out with George in the end. I can’t imagine Scott lasting too long against Condor, even if he is effectively immortal…

        … assuming, you know, he doesn’t take a few levels of badass in the upcoming podcasts. Which is entirely possible. I hope so: the hints at Scott’s underlying temper, especially in this entry, have left me curious as to where his storyline is going.

        Anyway. In summary, boss battle between Manny and George, demon and firestarter, bass and electric, best friends, would just be too awesome. ramble ramble

        1. I have no words for everything that was written here. Only smiles. I hope I can continue to please!

  2. Ahhhhh! Some Manny and Emma alone time to get closer together! So cute! And I loved the hole graveyard scene. Was hoping that Manny would do that.

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