Mrs. Frieda’s Session 45 – The Kids Finally Get A Break

It’s time for some R&R. Finally, the kids can kick back, nurse their wounds, and enjoy their psych leave.

It’s been a rough series of months, but at least the worst of it is over. No more super soldiers, no more serial killers, no more mad scientists, and no more murderous best friends. Just total calm and serenity.

They’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Side chatter



  1. First off, I wanna thank you guys for providing hours upon hours of quality audio. I’ve been plowing through your archives for the last couple months, and all of your sessions have kept me entertained. Once I redesign my site, it’s definitely going to include a link to Drunk and the Ugly. Y’all deserve a shiteload of listeners. (Not that I can deliver, but I’ll sure as hell try.)

    More to the point: finally caught up with the latest in Mrs. Frieda’s. Totally loving the George and Butch association. I’ve long hoped that George would turn down the villain’s path, and this session was one of the best for that slippery slope. Butch has come a long way from his roots, as well, and I hope to see a lot more of him in the future. (Or at the very least I hope he gets a suitably epic death.)

    Good work as always. Y’all are awesome.

  2. May be intentional or not, but don’t think Tim was in this one, unless I missed some minor bit or just not worth removing from the cast list this time

  3. I really hope that someone saw what George did to Emma, you know kidnaped her, cause it seemed like someone was there watching him. And if Man can track her scent all the way to the park she will get George’s scent there too.

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