Sordid Dystopia – Reflecting the Soul (Part 1)

Reflecting the Soul is the intro adventure that will be packaged with the Sordid Dystopia role-playing game. The adventure has seen playtesting and revision, but we’re happy to present its first running.

The group of mercenaries are called before the head of the Zogby crime family and given a mission: recover a certain book, hidden away in Cizok. The book is a holy tome, sequestered in a Cizokian church.

The Old Xexorian mercenaries will have to cross into a city where they will be cast with suspicion and nationalistic hatred. Can the mercenaries overcome the forces working against them from without and within to complete their mission?


  • Charlie – Alexis Béringer (aka Le fléau de vol). An international master thief. Dressed in plague-doctor’s getup, masked cat burglar, wanted in 2 nations.
  • Sam – Omran Mu’nis.  Mercenary (deserted after he saw his unit get wiped out), former desert hobo and objectivist that hits things with a sword for money.
  • Manda – Delilah Kanaan. Loves 3 things: Gold, guns, and more gold.
  • James – Sani Al-Fayhad. 6’6″ mound of scar tissue and muscle. Comes from an old pedigree of warriors, all of which have been called some variety of demon or hellion. Decided to turn to mercenary work.

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  1. Sam went a little evil,huh. I love all the other characters, though I feel Charlie is a little heavy handed, like with all of his characters.

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