Mrs. Frieda’s Session 42 – Rehab

Just about all of the Frieda’s group looks like they just went through a meat grinder. The confrontation with Newt started bad and ended worse. The kids are beaten, battered, broken, and some of them kinda died. A little bit. And then they got better.

As it stands, they’ve gone to the only person willing to treat a group of supernatural poor kids who have a bad case of ran-into-a-super-soldier-itis: the Good Doctor.

There’s no easy way out of this situation, and the consequences have only just begun to unfold.

Side chatter



  1. 3 things:
    1) Would you say George has a touch of the porcupine dilemma?
    2) I don’t care if he turns out evil. Doctor G is the seconds favorite NPC (Elder Dane still has my top spot). Notice these are the only two characters other than the PCs who are actively trying to un-shittify the kids life.
    3) WHAT THE FUCK GEORGE! (Ah the fall is so sweet)

  2. “There was Death and then there was Life.” “…So yes, I should be getting in my car immediately.”
    I think it was so weird that Scott was right there on his bunk the whole time that George and Emma were fighting.
    This session hit right in the feels…

  3. God damn James I love you. Just you continue being you. Love the kids getting help…… I realy hope he’s not a bad guy in the end 🙁 GOD! Why do kids have to be so immature, and rash, and naive, and rebellious, and and and……well kids

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