Shin Megami Tensei and Other Childish Things Session 4

The 8-bit world and the Glitch having been bested and Jackie rescued, the kids return to Athens (unfortunately having to leave Thunderbird, The Ultimate Party Bird, behind). They are beaten and bruised, but for the moment, success feels good.

They plan to continue the investigation into the identity of the strange burglar. The blindfolded, sword-carrying man has some connection with the reverse world, and the kids are going to find out what it is.

That quest will plunge them even deeper into the reverse world’s mystery.


Side chatter


Music Credits

  • “Spider Eyes”, “Awkward Meeting”, “Long Note Two”, “Aftermath”, “Blue Feather”, “A Way Out” – Kevin MacLeod (
  • “Rock Loop #1” – Andrew Huang (

Music is used with permission from the artist or licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

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  1. Ooch smiles all around on this one

  2. How where they supposed to fight the monsters at the end? They seemed way to powerful to fight, and where able to grab the children right away like they appeared right behind them, or maybe that was because I couldn’t picture the fights in my mind clearly or weren’t described in enough detail. In Neights defense though they did play realy late so he was most likely too tired to describe any thing in great detail.

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