Mrs. Frieda’s Session 37 – Bad Reception

This session, we return to the mystery-wrapped enigma that is Spring Crescent. Emma, joined by the strange psychic girl Molly Weits, investigates around the school. They stumble upon a certain coat room door, and once opened, it leads directly into LeFay National Park.

Will the girls press on into possible danger and uncover the source of the mystery?

Side chatter



  1. Whether or not you intended one, there is no link for side chatter.

  2. You guys make the best MAOCT Ap’s on the internets, just in case no one has told you recently.
    How many episodes of the road trip campaign are left?

    Keep up the amazing work you are doing, and thank you for the hours of entertainment.

  3. Hmmm is there any other monsters podcast. Cause though being the best I’d like to know about the rest

  4. “I think I forgot my lines.” PFFFTTTAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAA! I need to tell that one to my friends…

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