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Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 3

Encounters with other cultures under the Dominate’s protection is inevitable. While your own commanders, in concert with the Legate Corps, will do their best to integrate you, it is your own duty to seek to understand those who will fight alongside you. Depend upon each other, no matter your differences – the Dogs of Terra will exploit any weakness they can.
-Severan Soldier’s Guide to Battle, Chapter XIV: The Fraternity of War
Lucilla Acton, Ducal Legate Primaris

The empty manufactorium seems like a good place to recover. But distrust within the squad, the ever-belligerent orks, and the fallout of the drop-ship crash all threaten the Aetherian Rex‘s ability to rest, even for a moment. When a sudden evacuation becomes necessary, the scramble to get the VIPs and the rest of the soldiers out in one piece begins. . .

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Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 11


The Mandalorian blockade is fully established, and Taris groans under the weight of tyranny. The adventurers have a plan to raid the assault line and smuggle out Republic officers.

Choosing a side in the war always does come down to who pays better, of course…

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LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra – The Isle of War

The lovable scalliwags (joined by newcomer Luca) of Lejuene’s Home for Displaced Umbra are back, with an all new adventure!

It’s Battle Royale time, and to the victor go the spoils.

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