Deadlands – The Crucible (Part 1)

Welcome to the Wild West you’ve never seen before.

Daedalus’ Folly, a blimp-town, makes port in Salt Lake City. Sheriff Eric Alvarez is ordered by the US Agency to form a posse and ride shotgun on a train leaving Salt Lake City. Moments later, a hang glider hits his office.

To repay her hang-gliding incurred debt, Alexis Gray and Antares Blackwell are roped into the Sheriff’s posse.

Ford Connor joins up, looking for that incredible breaking story, the once in a life-time gig.

Together, these four will face dangers they couldn’t begin to imagine: and all of them will do it wearing the coolest cowboy hats you’ve ever seen.


  • Kevin – Ford Connor.  A yellow journalist to end all Yellow Journalism.  Claims to hail from new york and write for the Tombstone Weekly.
  • Zach – Antares “Ant” Blackwell. A mechanic on the floating city of Daedalus’ Folly.  Oft finds himself chasing after Alexis.
  • Nate – Alexis Gray.  A short sword-armed teenager who also lives on Daedalus’ Folly.  Enjoys hang-gliding into structures.
  • Matt – Sheriff Eric Alvarez.  The sheriff of a small town in the Mormon country of Deseret.  Dreams of his own death most nights and has a creeping feeling of something around him.


  1. Another great AP.

    Problem is I’m running out. I’ve got 4 more to listen to before I’m caught up.

    1. Author

      Good thing we have one coming out on Monday?

      1. Or you could release the kickstarter games, Thanks.

        1. Author

          I already did. Check your messages on Kickstarter.

  2. Woo, I finally get a chance to show off my passable game chops. Also I hope you guys don’t mind the GM wisecracking about things happening in game, cause I will probably never stop.

    1. Author

      I never mind it.

  3. This session had the best character banter. Between the pathological lying reporter and Alexis’ Joker-esque “how I lost my arm” stories I was in tears up until the action hit. Then I was laughing at the sheer madness James’ amazing rolls caused. It was funny to see just how far south a game can go when the GM rolls hot.

    MVP Vote – Kevin. His back and forth with the sheriff at the sheriff’s office was awesome. I really like the character and hope he get to act out more in the rest of the campaign.

    1. * We once playtested a weird Fallout RPG. James GMed it. He almost got a TPK.
      * We played 7th Sea. James was running it. We fought some mooks. Threats, really. Each mook in 7th Sea has exactly 1 HP. They die any time they’re even hit. James almost got a TPK.

      Pair this up with Deadlands and . . . well . . . Let’s just say that James always rolls hot. I’d, uh, I’d both hate and love to see him run CoC.

      1. I can only imagine that every time he would roll for san loss, someone would end up getting a permanent disorder. The game would be over the moment you found a spooky photograph or something.

        Also, tossing in that this was a fun session to listen to. Like Travis said, the banter was pretty great. Eagerly awaiting finding out the sheriff’s fate. Also pointing out how the train derailing was kind of like a very specific allegory to what was happening with the plot at that point.

        1. Oddly enough, the train derailing was the golden ticket right back to the plot. Don’t be disappointed though, the plot does plenty of odd meandering from here on in.

      2. That was totally not even a near TPK in 7th Sea. Only a near Total Frail Party Members Kill. TFPMK. And you handled Fallout well until everyone started dying.

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