Justice For All Session 2 – Ugly Truths

The lesson was learned: we don’t go to Vaden.

The next morning, Roland comes to visit Uszhi, serving out her master’s punishment. Awakened from her truancy nap, Uszhi refuses to help with his request: building a home. Unfortunately for her, Niklas, watching from the trees, forces her to help.

In the meantime, another journey into the wilderness is forming. The destination: the old academy. Nachsun’s academics, Edouard, and the Umbra hunting party will travel deep into the heart of history, and uncover secrets that will set terrible things in motion.


  • Charlie – Roland. An apprentice of Niklas and student of Christian.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home, but it looking to move out.
  • James – Edouard  Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
  • Mandaz – Uszhi. Vicious yet disciplined apprentice to Niklas. Her actions hurt more than her words.
  • Matt – Mesik.  Fisherman’s son with the troubled past.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.
  • Sam – Niklas. Resident Umbra badass. Hunter and master to Uszhi.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger. Scout and marksman. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.


  1. Nice session. As someone with no idea about Utopia/Dystopia, it is nice to hear more about the Shades, and how they’re the origin of the Umbra. Plus, everyone got to kill a creepy rapist. Yay!

    Speaking of which, I can’t help but think the Dr. Fasson got his nickname “Le Boucher” from somewhere other than his doctorly endeavors. (No, I don’t remember why I recall something from the first Ship of Fools session that was subsequently never mentioned again.) It also makes me wonder if, perhaps, he had another nickname: Edouard “Daremaster” Fasson.

    I will admit, though, that I am kind of hoping Uszhi and Roland don’t become an item; as it stands now, it does not make any sense. I can’t really see any reason Uszhi would see him as anything but a lazy, obnoxious manchild. It would seem a bit forced, if nothing else.

    1. Whoops, that link should be to the previous comic. My bad.

      1. Funny you should mention jokes from the first session, that’s actually how he first tried to get rid of the krakens attacking the ship in his story a long long time ago. It was a tense game of kraken truth or dare with the crew’s life on the line. Bastards picked truth.

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