Justice For All Session 2 – Ugly Truths

The lesson was learned: we don’t go to Vaden.

The next morning, Roland comes to visit Uszhi, serving out her master’s punishment. Awakened from her truancy nap, Uszhi refuses to help with his request: building a home. Unfortunately for her, Niklas, watching from the trees, forces her to help.

In the meantime, another journey into the wilderness is forming. The destination: the old academy. Nachsun’s academics, Edouard, and the Umbra hunting party will travel deep into the heart of history, and uncover secrets that will set terrible things in motion.


  • Charlie – Roland. An apprentice of Niklas and student of Christian.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home, but it looking to move out.
  • James – Edouard  Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
  • Mandaz – Uszhi. Vicious yet disciplined apprentice to Niklas. Her actions hurt more than her words.
  • Matt – Mesik.  Fisherman’s son with the troubled past.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.
  • Sam – Niklas. Resident Umbra badass. Hunter and master to Uszhi.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger. Scout and marksman. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
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  1. Joshua
    Posted February 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Nice session. As someone with no idea about Utopia/Dystopia, it is nice to hear more about the Shades, and how they’re the origin of the Umbra. Plus, everyone got to kill a creepy rapist. Yay!

    Speaking of which, I can’t help but think the Dr. Fasson got his nickname “Le Boucher” from somewhere other than his doctorly endeavors. (No, I don’t remember why I recall something from the first Ship of Fools session that was subsequently never mentioned again.) It also makes me wonder if, perhaps, he had another nickname: Edouard “Daremaster” Fasson.

    I will admit, though, that I am kind of hoping Uszhi and Roland don’t become an item; as it stands now, it does not make any sense. I can’t really see any reason Uszhi would see him as anything but a lazy, obnoxious manchild. It would seem a bit forced, if nothing else.

    • Joshua
      Posted February 9, 2012 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

      Whoops, that link should be to the previous comic. My bad.

      • James
        Posted February 10, 2012 at 9:14 am | Permalink

        Funny you should mention jokes from the first session, that’s actually how he first tried to get rid of the krakens attacking the ship in his story a long long time ago. It was a tense game of kraken truth or dare with the crew’s life on the line. Bastards picked truth.

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