The Drunk and the Newsies – 11/30/2011

HI THERE INTERNET!  We are playing around with a semi-monthly news format to fill the gaps between our main podcast.  Let us know if you’d like more of this in the future.  We’re going to cover upcoming games, events, and answer questions from email and comments on-air.

First, we’re taking a small break from Mrs. Frieda’s to start going through a number of backlogged and completed campaigns all run in Nathan Knapp’s Sordid Dystopia system.

In the vein of Sordid Dystopia, we are going to start up a Kickstarter to fund the publication of that system sometime in mid to late January.  We’re still working out the specifics of the rewards, but it will likely include:

  • A PDF version of Sordid Dystopia
  • 10 Preview APs (including future Frieda’s sessions and a whole MaOCT mini-campaign)
  • Games run by The Drunk and the Ugly (of which include Sam, Matt, Nate, and Charlie)
  • Scenarios written and run by The Drunk and the Ugly
And, as stated above, if you have any questions or comments for us, please email them to us at or post them here in the comments.  We will respond to them in these segments accordingly.


  1. Good idea guys. It’s a good way to get information to the listeners while also getting out a little more content here and there. Haha it took me looking at this a few times to realize there was audio to this. 😛

    Okay, I’ve got kind of a random question for ya’ll. Have any of you played/heard of the FATE system? It’s by far my favorite roleplaying game system, lending itself to heavy narrative styled games while still preserving a hefty layer of tactical combat. If you haven’t tried it out, I give it the highest recommendation. I bet it’d make for a pretty good actual play *hint hint* *nudge nudge*.

    1. To piggyback David’s question, y’all talk about Don’t Rest Your Head after the Slenderman game do y’all plan to play/post and games with that system?

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