Ship of Fools Session 1 – All Aboard!

In Port Victoire, a popular manufactoring and port town in eastern Vontier, a mass of sailors collect to sign on to the soon to depart Duquetimme, a ship owned and operated by the Poulin Trading Company.

These prospective sailors come seeking fortune and adventure, and the voyage of the Duquetimme promises all of that and more. The task: sail to the center of the ocean, a point between all four seafaring nations, where Gilbert Poulin II, owner of the PTC, theorizes the existence of a fabled island. His goal: establish a Hub in the name of the Poulin Trading Company, better connecting his company to the rest of the world before anyone others have the chance.

The sailors quickly discover the peculiarities of their task, however. Firstly, their pay is far too steep for a routine exploratory voyage–their contract promising more currency than an average laborer makes in ten years. And secondly, collecting the crew was remarkably rushed, to the point that some of the crew may or may not suffer from total ineptude . . .


  • James – Edouard Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc.
  • Alex – Louis Jalbert. Part-time merchant and full-time scumbag.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger, late twenties. Scout and marksman.
  • Matt – Leon Donnelly. Midshipman, navigator, shipwright, and jack of all trades.


  1. things were a bit slow to start, and everything was hard to pronounce even as a writing major with 4 years of (poorly remembered) French under my belt…

    but when the characters took control it go hilarious. the lies about krakens and casual trap-lovin’ killed me

    1. Author

      Edouard has all the best lines in this. There are a number of times where we stopped the game and just laughed for like 10 seconds straight. James is a really great player in these games.

    2. Starter sessions for campaigns are something I’m pretty terrible with. There’ve only ever been a couple of them that weren’t painfully slow at first. Sadlly, Ship of Fools was not one of them. This is because I’m spending most of the game getting accustomed to the characters as they are in the setting. Gettin’ my feet wet, y’know?

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