Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 26 – Summer’s Over

It’s the last day of summer. The sun is rising, birds are singing, and Emma wakes up to see someone’s head peering in the window. She blinks, and the head is gone.

Instead, a sack is sitting on the windowsill. The bottom is moist and bloodstained. It’s filled with ripped shreds of bloody meat. Someone, it seems, has left a present for Manny.

Nevertheless, there are other pressing concerns: doctor’s notes to get out of gym must be acquired, Julie Williams must be visited in the hospital, Uncle V’s coming by to treat Manny to a bass of his own, and even though no one remembered, Scott turned 13 last week.

It’s the last day of summer and an awesome – if belated – birthday party must be organized. The last diem of summer must be carpe’d, at all costs.

This episode features a musical outro by the talented Jonathan Coulton, from his “Thing A Week” album series.  You can check out more of his stuff at his website.



  1. And the season finale breather episode cometh 😀 Great fun! It felt a lot like one of the earlier Frieda sessions where the kids just had random fun around town, which is a great bookend to this first arc (the “Odyn Arc” perhaps? :P). I hope we get a lot of more Uncle V in the future. Either I missed it or Manny didn’t have him give an autograph to the music store guy again, so that’s a good excuse for him to come back sometime. And I’m glad Elder Dane’s staying around for a while. Got to love those grumpy angels.

    Oh, great choice of an outro too, it fit the tone wonderfully. I <3 me some Jonathon Coulton anyway.

    Thank you for 26 delightful sessions of a great story. Anxiously awaiting more Frieda goodness. All of you are welcome to our gaming table if ever you find yourselves in the middle of Illionis. You've really made my working day a much brighter and happier time, and I already love my job so that's a tall order :P. Thank you guys.

    So, about this kickstarter….

    1. Author

      This session was basically meant to wrap up any loose ends from summer as the kids started going to school. In all actuality, it’s the first half of one of the first school sessions, but it seemed like an excellent breaking point until we start up again in a couple months. And in all honesty, we needed a cool-down session after killing off and then resurrecting Julie Williams. Shit was getting waaaaaaay too real.

      Johnny C is one of my fave musicians for many reasons, and this song couldn’t have had a better place to reside.

      The Kickstarter will be taking place in mid-to-late January (at the conclusion of our next campaign). Everything about it (as far as we have planned, that is ) is detailed in our news segment.

      As always, thanks for listening!

  2. a real feel-good episode. will miss August (the character not the month) when he’s gone, with him and Jingles’ matter-of-fact sass making some of my favorites in the whole thing, but Manny keeps elbowing them off the top rank because he’s just so damned adorable when he finally gets excited about something. Julie turned out surprisingly amusing too and hope to hear back from her more

    hope to hear back from the gang soon, this and Road Trip being my favorite settings on the site, but at least a little closure was nice to take the break on. i had just found out the Monsters system existed when I heard of this, and they just urged me on to read up on it with the display of how weird and hilarious shit can get in this game

    also any reason for the sudden switch back to the rolling multiple d10s system rather than the one-roll roll under shift from a while back?

  3. My god, the ending was so sad. I don’t know why but it feels like you guys are never coming back. (I know that’s not true, so that is a huge complement. Way to tug on my Grinch-sized heartstrings.)

    I think I figure out why Manny is so fun to listen to: He is a puppy. When Uncle V is around he acts like a dog after his master comes back from a long absence. Other times he acts like a dog feeling out new people and slowly warming up to them. But no matter how adorable he acts, there are still hints/warnings that he can rip your throat out if he ever got really angry. I now forever picture him as a chibi hellhound puppy thingy.

    Also to echo luffy’s comments, have you change back to using the rules from the Monster’s Rule Book or is something else going on? I meant to ask this earlier, but forgot.

    1. Might you call Manny a puppy amongst a pack of wild dogs, then?

      : )

      1. Yes. Hell yes. Hell *fucking* yes.

    2. Author

      Haha. Johnny C has a tendency to make people weepy.

      And yes, we are using the One Roll Engine again. I forgot to mention that. We realized that the rules written by Shane Ivey were probably better than the ones we came up with in 5 minutes, and it’s not the rolling that makes the ORE difficult, it’s simultaneous resolution. Either way we’re going to have to do that. Yes, though, we are using the ORE again (starting with Night of the Gaming Does and continuing from frieda’s 25 and a future road trip session).

  4. Having listened to all of Mrs. Frieda’s, I can officially say that this is my favorite campaign of all time I have ever seen. Maybe its because it focuses on the characters more, maybe its because you have drawings and stories and stuff on the wiki so I understand the characters better… Heck, maybe its just because I could easily see this as a TV show!

    Whatever the reason is, I really loved it, and I can’t wait to see what happens next “season.”…

    Also, I love how half the episode was them thinking about the Summer before going back to school. Can anyone say “season finale clip show?”

  5. 40:00 I now have this image of Uncle V and Nele having conversations about all the things they don’t know how to operate due to their lack of strings.


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