Mrs Frieda’s Halfway House Session 14 – Going Deeper

The love triangle is in full bloom. Scott and Emma are going on a date to the movies (even if they both swear it’s not a date) tonight. After a series of hijinks at the house, (including Scott having to defend his woman from a weird mouth-breather, and the gang bathing Scott) they’re off into the city.

Back at the house, Manny gets a phone call, and August begins experiencing some odd visitations. There’s someone who has a great deal of interest in him. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. . .

Editor’s Note: This session is a wonderful example of a GM improvising a plot based on little notice.

Side chatter and other fun stuff



  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the sessions. I, myself love Monsters and other childish things but I lack people to play with. In a way I kind of play along with you guys since I imagined my own character that would fit in with the setting.

    1. Author

      Hi Claes! Thanks for listening.

      Like I’ve said before, if you don’t have a gaming group, bring up the idea to your friends. Monsters and Other Childish Things is a pretty good system to get your friends into gaming, thanks to its rules-light nature and the general weirdness and fun of the core concept. It’s hard to write a solid scenario for this game, but if you leave it at generally being kids with adventure and an occasional monster to fight (which has basically been Frieda’s), it’s a fun time.

      Thanks for commenting on our show! I’ll try to respond to any and all comments left on the site.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Until I find people to play with I will continue enjoying these sessions, well to be honest I will do that even if I manage to find some players. But until that time I will imagine my own character hanging out in Frieda´s. Hopefully you guys wont mind.

        Again thanks for putting these out here.

        1. I do something similar, what with imagining my own character in Freida’s. This is actually how I found out about Monsters and Other Childish Things in the first place, so I still don’t know a whole lot about it, but I think I’ve caught on enough to understand.

  2. I love how i was listening to this session, laughing retardedly and concealing it while at work and appreciating the slice of life for these weird kids in a half way home, then thinking that “Oh Shit!” Oden has returned as the jingling to further obstruct Emma’s happiness. And then the whole session went to a dark place with August as he entered the house of Skulltulas…of doom! really cool session, they seemed to have hooked me into this world of Life Drama, Comedy, Madness, and Nele! good job guys.

    (Also I am working through the sessions only recently and am aware they went up quite a while ago. Just want to comment on a good piece of role playing.)

    1. Author

      Thanks! We always appreciate comments, no matter how old the posting. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say as you catch up!

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