Little Fears – A Nightmare in Mount Pleasant

Middle-schoolers Tommy Clarke and Regina Kai are headed into school in the rural suburban town of Mount Pleasant, North Dakota, on the last day of school before Winter Break. Everything starts normally, until the entrance hall of their school becomes an endless hallway full of unmarked doors.
Tommy and Regina have been plunged into the heart of a nightmare. Their only hope is to unravel the mystery before it consumes them forever.
 This game, run in Little Fears, was spawned from an idea that Matt had for a Road Trip side-encounter. He wrote up the session and promptly never used it in Road Trip. Instead, he revised it into the psychological horror genius you have before you.



  1. OK all caught up on my backlog of podcasts and I have one thing to say. More Little Fears please! I love horror movies and creepy stuff and between this and LeFay you guys have those in spades in this system. I actually got to play a modified version of Little Fears and was stuck at how easy it seemed to run if you have people with creative imaginations in the group (The GM let us pretty much run it ourselves, and it was the best time being terrified I’ve ever had). It is on my steadily growing list of system to play when my group wants a change of pace (or feeling like some horror). So creepy, so scary, so good.

    Also the collected universe running throughout your games. It is a nice touch, especially how its not outright stated in the stories but it is constantly in the background/making of the stories. It makes the world feel more real and lived-in even if the games take place in completely different settings. (I laughed my ass off at the MIB’s showing up from dread and awe because the pieces kinda fell together for me at that point). Keep of the great job guys, I’m thinking I might ask for an interview with you guys for a radio show I run in the near future.

    1. Author

      There weren’t a lot of notes written for this game. I pretty much had a motivation for the Slender Man and 8 or 10 NPCs generated. The MIBs showed up mostly because one of the kids showed this horror beyond time and space to their parents, who got the authorities involved. There was nothing actually written in for them showing up.

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