Road Trip Session 13 – Jim’s Puck Band

In an effort to save Everett from a mysterious and powerful shadow the previous night, Daniel managed to worsen his injuries much further.  Additionally, people seem to be packing up and leaving from Summerset Valley following this bizarre black rain.  The kids need to get to the next destination as soon as possible, but Daniel is still injured far too badly to be discharged.  They need a plan to sneak him out of the hospital.

On the other side of town, Donny’s insurance payment has come in, and he’s looking to get something cheap, semi-reliable, and big enough to finish taking the kids around the country.  He stops off at Crazy Jacques’s Used Car Emporium to try and find something in that category, but finds that Jacques’s prices aren’t the only thing that’s insane.



    1. Author

      Goddamn that is awesome. You mind if I throw it on the Wiki?

  1. When I heard mention of blackjack, I just imagined all the monsters (except Mille) sitting around a tree stump with a deck of cards they scrounged out of someone’s bag. Bos was dealer — he even managed to score one of those green visors that they have at casinos. Butts was chewing on a toothpick, counting cards, palming an ace. Leadbot’s screen was displaying an XD emoticon as he exclaimed “I got a full house!” And Woodbeard was sighing “Yar, we’re not playin’ that game,” in response as he used Steve to spy on the other hands.
    I will do this. I will draw this.

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