Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 12 – Camp LaFey

It’s finally time for the Frieda’s kids to get some R&R. What better place than a camping area deep in the woods outside of Troy? The kids are ready to go swimming, hiking, and generally just be kids, happy and safe.

Of course, the camp holds some secrets. Creatures dwell here, ones that may not be quite so friendly to trespassing kids. Welcome to Camp LaFey, where absolutely anything can happen.

Due to popular demand and also some scheduling conflicts, we’re gonna switch up the posting order on Frieda’s games and Road Trip games.  Frieda’s will be posted on Mondays, with Road Trip posted every other Friday.  If you want us to return to our old posting schedule, leave a comment below.



  1. The feels- Right in the feels. The character relationships are the best part of the system, and an even better part of this setting. With all these wonderful characters it’s little wonder how it makes me feel so much.

  2. ‘Manny, do you know that Boston has more than one album?’


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