Sordid Dystopia – The Taxman Cometh

Today we have something very special for you, listeners, the first playtest session of Nate’s original system and setting Sordid Dystopia!

We begin in the small, seemingly normal town of Essenvie, with the King’s tax man en route for the first time in years.

In this town, the resident’s greatest enemy is “The Man Up in the Tax Man’s Cart,” and there is a great deal of this. This session, in addition to its entertainment factor, is a pristine example for you GMs on how players can succeed in derailing plots, and how to compensate.


  • Hannah – Jakob Schweinhertz, the town doctor.
  • Manda – Beau-Rebel Riley, the 18-year-old forest guardian and good ole’ boy.
  • Matt – William Rohan, the grizzled, lonely blacksmith.  He don’t know nothin’ about no gub’mint.
  • Alex – Gaston Lariviere, manservant to the mayor of Essenvie.
  • Kevin – Johnson, a 60-year-old homeless man who performs odd jobs around town
  • Sean – Valera Vinch, a caravan guard for Sir LeCritz.
  • Charlie – Sir Garrison LeCritz, The Taxman who believes he must bring civilization to these savages.


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  1. That was awesome! I’m going to be hopefully play testing my own homebrew within the next couple if months, and this was pretty helpful. Nate — Sordid Dystopia and Spirit of the Century gave me the idea for my own variant on Fourtune, but less as an instant fun button because my friends tend to do that on their own. I did my best to make it different however. If you have any pointers on homebrewing games I would be forever grateful.

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