Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 11 – Chaos

Last time on Mrs. Frieda’s, things started bad and got much, much worse. The long-awaited showdown with the MIB ended with the Eldritch horror in tatters, bullets inside Manny, and a mini-nuclear bomb going off deep in the ghetto of Troy.

On the plus side, Emma’s been rescued and Nele received medical attention. As the action recommences, the whole city is enraptured by the mushroom cloud hanging over the city.

Now, it’s up to George and crew to try and race into the fray and save their friends. Can the kids find each other in the midst of a city falling to pieces?



  1. My god I don’t know what to feel I mean like god I feel terror and more with the fight between nele and emma!!!!!!! xDD

  2. It’s great to be listening to these again! Anyways, from what I heard on this, a couple of interesting things came to mind, so let’s get rolling down the list!
    First, the healing factor! In this scenario, Emma is right to at least be worried about blood loss, but after some introspection, she might have found herself to be wrong to worry, since apparently it was repairing damage, REPLACING the damaged organic matter, in which case, even if she were right and the healing factor were limited in ability, the most reasonable conclusion would be that it would need energy and matter to produce more matter, in which case, stuffing Manny’s face full of whatever high-calorie foods and whatnot would likely have more than easily met the requirements. (At worst, they’d need to steal from a butcher’s shop).
    Second, Emma snapping at Nele! I understand that Emma is panicked and so forth from her recent experience, but by the standards of what she knows, some semblance of her (in most, not all circumstances) would know that there’s truth in Nele’s words. She knows Odyn is dangerous from the previous encounter she had with the other MIB agent, she knows that Manny and Scott were endangered because of her connection to Odyn, she knows that Odyn manipulates people to bring about misery to herself at least, if not others as well, and I doubt she seriously believes that someone as recklessly impulsive as George is being puppeteered by Condor, who by this point has come off as level-headed and collected. However, I can’t help but acknowledge the other fact to this: she can’t let herself accept it, because then she’d have to accept that not only is she addicted to Odyn, so to speak, but also that many of the terrible things that happened to her friends over the past week or so have been because of her shortcomings and failures at controlling Odyn, and the concept that she might be toxic to her friends’ wellbeing might be the thing that would push her over the edge. So good job representing that during the back-and-forth, Nate!
    Finally, and on a lighter note, with the party divided as [Ty, Emma, Scott, and Jingles] and [George, Nele, and August], with Ty and Scott incapacitated by painkillers, and the wandering three looking ragged as heck, could you say that the groups are divided into the Drugged and the Ugly?

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