Mrs. Frieda’s Session 7 – Wherein Mrs. Frieda is Called ‘Fat’

The kids at Mrs. Frieda’s can’t seem to do anything right. Plans go awry, monsters get called out, buildings get scaled, and now the cops are all over the building. Then, they had a dream featuring the one and only Elder Dane. Simply put, things got real.

The kids are awakened in the middle of the night by police officers. The investigation has begun. As they’ll quickly discover, there are several things hidden in the Halfway Home that do not want to be found.

Friendships are broken and others solidified and new ones discovered as the kids scramble to make plans to deal with the sudden threat of Odyn.

This is where we get the most players ever in a Mrs. Frieda’s Game.  This trend continues for a while.  If you notice a slowdown in plot, this is the reason (that and the fact that these games start happening really late at night).



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  1. I just love jingles. She’s so adorably and snarky. Nice story and roleplay especially the Odyn George moment. Keep it up. 🙂

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