Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 4 – Emma’s Birthday

Emma's Shadow

It’s late July at the halfway house, which is about the same as any time in the summer, except for the forgotten fact that Emma Vaerbond will soon be thirteen.  Mrs. Frieda’s not really one for ceremony, and Emma’s never been exactly vocal about the special day, especially since her “special friend” always likes to celebrate the occasion in his own way.  This year is no different.

Odyn, owed a promise of “playtime” with Emma, has made it happen. He’s whispering in a few ears, setting up a few birthday surprises, and doing his best to make sure Emma never forgets this day.

Emma’s friends?  Well, they just happen to be excellent pawns.



  1. Hooray! The session of Frieda’s where everything starts kicking into high gear. So much good stuff in this one.

  2. Oh, yeah, most definitely. It takes four sessions, but things finally start to happen.

  3. Hoodies have a large part in Frieda´s its almost as it is its own character,

    1. Author

      I think we’ve joked a couple of times that the main theme of this game seems to be “strategic uses of hair and clothing.”