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Little Fears Session 12 – Death By Chocolate (Part 2)


The Apple Court Easter Egg hunt has turned deadly, and claimed two victims. The victims consumed incredibly enticing chocolate eggs, and were dissolved into dripping black pools of chocolate.

Someone has planted these eggs, deliberately dooming whoever eats them to a horrific death. It’s up to the Apple Court kids to track them down and put a stop to it.

Can they find the killer and stop him before more children succumb to the trap?

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Little Fears Session 11 – Death By Chocolate (Part 1)


After surviving the harrowing gauntlet of Polybius, the Apple Court kids have to deal with the aftermath: being grounded.

Grim Grey’s noble effort to claim protection over his town via spray paint was horribly misinterpreted, and now he’s suffering for his art.

The strange occurrences in Apple Court are far from over.

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Little Fears Session 10 – Polybius (Part 6)


The last time the Apple Court gang descended into Polybius, they fought the Empress – who separated lovers from their heads – and Fortune, who set out to torture Mette with her own past.

They stand in front of a giant three-dimensional maze. The Moon is above them, the Sun below. The end of Polybius lies ahead. Can the kids survive to the final level?

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Little Fears Session 9 – Polybius (Part 5)

The Apple Court kids have acquired a new set of cheat codes. They saved Ginny, and a few of the other neighborhood kids who had been taken by Polybius. Sledding adventures were had as a reward, and a much needed break from the horrific game.

Despite having saved their friends, the new cheat codes mean their task isn’t finished yet. The game has to be played. It has to be beaten.

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Little Fears Session 8 – Polybius (Part 4)

"Dungeon Party" by V&A Steamworks

Polybius continues to hound the nightmares of the Apple Court kids. Mette’s gone tower climbing, and the brave heroes have hacked and slashed their way through the castle. They’ve acquired some sweet loot and they find themselves in front of yet another ornate, enormous door.

Polybius still has hold of some of their friends, and the looming threat of Ginny being kidnapped is hanging over their heads. Can they beat the game before the game beats them?

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