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Eclipse Phase – The Thunder and the Whirlwind Episode 7


At the end of Act One, the PROX-E KING’s Sentinels walked into hell and survived. They stormed the Red Devil compound, fought off revolutionaries and horrific nightmare creatures, and bested Akinye.

Now, Firewall would really appreciate a thorough debriefing.

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Engine Heart – In Transit

On a long road across America, a motley crew of apocalypse surviving robots are searching for the last remaining settlement of humans.

Their journey is tipped upside down upon the discovery of a set of tire tracks outside of an abandoned town.

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Rogue Trader Episode 13 – Storm Caller (Part 2)


Schönerberg accidentally took a trip through space and time, arriving on the exact planet that the Brigand’s Lament is travelling towards. He communed with the natives, learned their language, and earned their trust.

Then, suddenly, orks arrived on planet, as well as the dastardly Feckward. It’s up to the crew to rescue the captain, secure their new lead, and get out intact.

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Rogue Trader Episode 12 – Storm Caller (Part 1)


The Brigand’s Lament is on its way to Dross. The crew is consolidating their new treasure and enduring another brutally boring warp transit. Tempers are ready to flare and grievances must be aired.

That’s of course, until the Captain goes missing. From the ship itself. In the warp.

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Rogue Trader Episode 11 – Pilgrim’s Distress (Part 2)


Lord Captain Roth was sent off into the Stars, sailing away forever. The crew of the Brigand’s Lament has gained access to the derelict ships’ cargo hold and Navigator cabin; the last bits of the mystery are about to be uncovered.

As always, answering questions just raises more answers, and a new destination. The chase is on.

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