Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 15


Through guile, planning, and sheer dumb luck the adventurers have managed to steal a luxury starship and take Tethys Myrishi hostage. Now would be an excellent time to hole up and lick their wounds. Unfortunately, Taris has other plans.

The Mandalorians are furious, and certain people still have bounties on their heads…

Side Chatter


  • Nate –  Pird’evothu’imao (Devothui). Chiss Padawan who walked out on the Jedi Order after she failed to reconcile neutrality and her own personal sense of justice.
  • Manda – Sliss Sarkh.  A Trandoshan woman with a big debt and an even bigger lust for combat.
  • James  – Rexo Cairnu. A Rodian marksman and bounty hunter sworn never to kill his quarries.
  • Zach – Rolan Chance. Ace pilot and hopeless romantic.  Awfully posh for someone taking the kind of jobs he does.
  • Josh – DJ-4N60 (DJ).  Droid bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder and an urn at his belt.


  1. Honestly if Roland has to choose between either of his waifu’s I’d go with the Biker Gang waifu, We all know that the eventual human/Chiss Force sensitive child that would be born of you and Devothui will eventually fall and become a Sith.

    1. I’m fairly certain that as entirely different races Rolan and Devothui can’t have children, so it’s kind of a moot point.

      1. Zach I swear on the Force, if your trying to crash my ‘ships I will end you.

        1. Z-Money’s sinkin’ ships like it’s sixteen-seventy-six.

          1. I’m not crashing anyone’s ships! I’m just saying said ship isn’t going to result in child.

          2. It is the Star Wars universe? (That may not mean anything, just that it seems more plausible in this setting than others.)

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