Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 1: Five Nights with Frankie


War. War never changes. In the far reaches of the nuclear wastes of the Florida everglades, the future is about to be changed. In the swamps, a malfunctioning GECK is pumping its polluted cargo.

For a group of wasteland wanderers brought together by strange circumstances, it is the Holy Grail.

Music Credits: The Ink Spots – “If I Didn’t Care” (https://archive.org/details/IfIDidntCare)

Character Gen

Side Chatter


  • Zach – Alexandra “Alex” Raine.  A former dweller of Vault 101, raised by robots and unsure whether or not she is a robot herself.  She is learning much about the outside world and what it means to be human.
  • Sam – Jim Jones.  Wannabe robot death cult leader, habitual drug abuser, and protector of the chosen one meant to herald the coming of our new robot god.
  • Nate – Vespara “Vespa” Kalin Adimik. Otherwise known as “The Exile” or “The Lady in Black.” A very capable gunfighter with a shady past.
  • Matt – Chris Yao.  A member of a splinter faction of the Followers of the Apocalypse, divided and traveling with this rag-tag band in search of a new home in the wastes.
  • Josh – LANCE-O 107.  A robotic knight from a medieval-themed restaurant and tournament who now rights wrongs across the wastes while on his quest to slay the black king Mordred.


  1. Very happy to see you guys take on the Wasteland, esepcially Florida. I can only imagine what sort of monstrosites exist down there.

  2. Ah the Character Gen was great. As a side note. Yugioh was a lot less dumb, and less complicated and it has gotten faster, and chaotic as time has passed.

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