Deathwatch – Binary Stars Episode 5

Final Transcribed Transmission of Land Raider Izod, designated transport of Captain Tobias
125.817.M41 1827 Hours
Operational Theater: Rheelas

Tobias: “Squad Alpha, get me a visual on the other side of that grain depot. If we lose the rations, we’re looking at a thousand rebels turned to a million. Igneous, give me a report on the–”

A loud crash is heard, along with the sound of ceramite on ceramite collision within the hold

Tobias: “Commander Brazen, status report!”

The sound of movements, metal on metal, and other activity can be heard

Brazen: “Sir, the engine is running and we’re not moving. Reporting… Magnetic field of… 200 Teslas! An industrial magnet? The decking itself is shearing apart around us. Structural integrity sound, locomotion ineffective. Diverting power to locomotion.

The sound of an extremely large motor can be heard growing rapid from undetermined location outside Land Raider

Tobias: What is… BRACE!

Transmission peaks with impact noises for 1.7 seconds, followed 3 seconds later by the sound of submersion. No further audio evidence of life in Izod.

Izod: “Automated transmission system of Land Raider Izod activated. Hull punctured in… 32 places. Depth at 100- 110- 120 and counting meters below sea level. Locomotion ineffective, assumed destroyed. Life support inactive. Weapons functional. Depth at 200 meters and counting. Awaiting bottom impact. Assumed time until emergence from ocean based on topography: 9999 hours. Praise the Emperor. Message will repeat.”

Contact ceased before message could repeat. Land Raider assumed lost with all souls aboard. A grave loss for our chapter.

Side Chatter

Binary Stars follows the tales of the Deathwatch. Seconded from the most elite martial units of the Imperium, the Deathwatch are the chamber militant of the Ordo Xenos, the Inquisitorial branch granted nearly unlimited power to fight overt and covert alien threats to mankind. Dropped into the middle of a decades-long multiple-front stalemate, the soldiers of the Deathwatch face threats that could break the dwindling strength of the Achilus Crusade and seek opportunities to finally break out in kind.


Industrial Revolution MacLeod (
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  • James – Zaphiel. A Dark Angel Consecrator, split in devotion between the Sixteen Laws of the Cult Mechanicus, the retrieval and protection of artifacts to protect humanity in both body and culture, and the teachings of the fallen Chapter Master, Lion El’Jonson. A nigh-invincible man-machine, he serves the Golden Throne with both lore and firepower, forming the bulwark at the foundation of the fire-team’s assaults.
  • Matt – Michael. Ultramarine Apothecary.  A veteran of the First Tyrannic War and a follower of the holy Codex Astartes penned by Ultramarine founder Roboute Guilliman.  Led in devotion to the protection of the Imperium from existential threats that its populace need not know and its other forces unfit to fight, it is his duty to keep his brothers fighting until his last breath.
  • Max – Hixus. A recalcitrant Librarian of the Carcharadons. While their vanishing traces and echoing legacies lead many to believe they were a myth the unearthly void hunters of the Carcharadons are proven to exist by the Hixus’s cryo survival amongst the space hulk of his patrol’s ship. Tall (even for a space marine), quiet, and uncomfortably calculating he continues to show the brutality and cunning of his chapters whims, fighting for the Ordos Xenos in place of the direction his shattered life has lost. Now in this perplexing anachronistic world he still finds himself driven with his mastery of the warp and penchant for silently disposing of those not worthy of life.
  • Danielle – Tyche.  A decorated and devoted Sister of Battle haunted by her latest experience in the warp. Her obsessive hatred of demons made her unfocused in battle, prompting her Abbess to choose her as the first Adepta Sororitas to accompany a Deathwatch Kill-Team, the only place her fury would be guaranteed a target.
  • Axe – Ramsay Mac Cuin. Veteran of twenty years of tank battles in Achilus Crusade and Tactical Marine of the mysterious Storm Wardens chapter. Gregarious and proud, he considers each engagement to be a step on the path to perfect understanding of war. While willing to defer to specialists, his broad knowledge base and knack for leadership make him a perfect fit for Kill-Team Commander, or so he believes.
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