MaOCT – Playhouse (Part 1)

A group of perfectly normal kids is on a trip to the local theater to see a showing of their newest production.  They discover the performance to be highly engrossing and immersive.  The show comes to life and leaps off the stage, leaving them free to walk on and into it.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 1

In the year 40,000, all is war.  The Koronus Expanse is under attack from all angles by beings that want to destroy all organic matter from the system out of a need for sustenance or merely from spite.  Under such assault, the Imperium of Man cannot adequately meet all threats and thus contracts work out to Rogue Traders.  In the inside edge of the Expanse, we find one such trader, Faydra Ramirez, standing trial for the crime of Imperial Heresy.

After a swift motion to an acquittal of Imperial Heresy but a conviction for smaller heretical acts, Ramirez finds herself one planet poorer, at great loss to the family fortune.  A silver lining appears to Faydra and the crew of the castle-like Brilliant Resolve, when the new owner of the planet contacts her and says she may have it back if she does him one small favor. . .

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 20

The crew of the Fantoma Reine is finally reunited with their precious ship, and Jeremiah Berek, the self-proclaimed pirate king, who has come to them asking for a temporary formal alliance against a greater threat.  Corsair captain Kheired-Din has dealt his ship a heavy blow and has been eliminating other pirates to establish himself as the one true pirate king.  This comes as a shock to the entire crew of the Fantoma Reine, who had last seen him trapped in the palace of the Sun King as the fuse was burning down on a few hundred pounds of gun powder.  Perhaps with less chaos and more firepower, the Fantoma Reine and the Black Dog can put him down for good.

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Legend of the Five Rings – Writ of Justice (Part 3)

As it turns out, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  The magistrate’s investigation into Battle’s Respite has uncovered some dark sinister blood magic that has brought back the village samurai as a terrible tainted puppet controlled by blood magic.  The village must be purified.  Or maybe Kituski should just use his sword.

Our apologies for this week’s episode as recording was not started until halfway through the game.

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 19

After a long fight with Ussuran nobility Captain Valentin le Evariste has discovered the potential solution to the mysterious black strand that threatens his life.  He has, however, also discovered that to actually take and use it would bring about consequences that he could not live with.   A choice awaits him, just as a mysterious Avalonian man awaits Declan in the local tavern.  Fights on all fronts and no rest for the crew of the Fantoma Reine.

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