Curse of Innistrahd Extras – Character Ideas and Motivation

This is a “get to know the characters” sort of episode recorded on a night when there wasn’t really enough time to play a proper game.  If you want to listen to the players of Curse of Innistrahd explain how they came up with their characters, listen in.

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Innistrahd Status Update

Hello Internet!

As you might have noticed, the posted Episode 5 of Curse of Innistrahd was the incorrect episode.  We have now uploaded the correct episode, so please re-download episode 5 to get the proper one.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 9

It turns out that when it comes to starship navigation, like all things, you get what you pay for.  The orkish warphead brought onto the Brilliant Resolve had a very unique method of interacting with the warp runes that caused the ship to move very quickly through the warp, although sideways and partly inside out.  The crew is now interacting with horrors man was not meant to know and finding themselves slightly possessed by the horrors of the warp.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 5: Inquisitive Friends

The sound of howling was something the folks of the outland valleys had grown accustomed to as the misty nights scraped the mountain sides. High Inquisitor Seeta Venlis, frowning in a solemn silence, knew this was where she would start. Pallas was an active town, still alive and busy, if aching and scared as it’s workers and shops endured working day to day in the lands forgotten by the church. And this is why it came to her.

Someone who would take action. The ridges and cliffs, fingers of stone wrapping around the heartlands like the grip of the fiends who held it… They would be free. One step at a time. And so they must feel safe. She thought about this, heavy black garb bound with silver glistening in the candlelight of her patron’s chambers. She was not a woman to leave well enough alone. Her hands tensed for the handle of a blade or the tightness of a quill, something for a solution. But the nervous tension wouldn’t break. A snort of inconclusive concern broke her silence and she surged to her feet, stomping through her aimless fervor. And then she saw it. A flash in the darkness, a marble of green light over the city walls. And as the howling followed the fleeing beast, she smiled. The first thing they needed was an enemy.

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Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Episode 8

The crew of the Brilliant Resolve showed their might in the Ring Master’s palace, proving they are the Saturday Night Slam Masters of Footfall. As they stumble from their victory and begin attending to the various wounds and concussions that title brings, they also find themselves in need of a new Void Navigator.  They have to head off to a local time ruled by a mob boss going by the name of Archimedes. They have very little information to guide them, except that their favor with this man can grant them or deny them significant access to Footfall.  Better to tread lightly.

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