Ashton City Heroes Ep 30 – Over My Head


Diamonds has a tank, Fauna has been removed as a threat in as roundabout a way as possible, and now the heroes must plan a way of getting to Null. A typical week in Ashton; straight from danger into danger. But first, school beckons and exams loom.


Side Chatter


  • Manda – Ryder Owen (King Rush). Small-time motocross champion with a lot of confidence issues. Turned his love for biking into a way to protect the people he loves and fulfill his need for speed.
  • Matt – John Westfall (Giant Slayer). The frontman, singer, and rhythm guitarist of The Tall Summers, an alternative rock band that is also a vigilance group to boost brand recognition.
  • Nate – Rose Brixby (Tankgirl). Outgoing and friendly girl who moved to Ashton from Prominence after a high-profile kidnapping case. She learned to fight and started buying low-impact supersoldier drug derivatives to make sure she would never be kidnapped again and that she could save others as she was saved.
  • Travis – Metra Crowell (MegaGirl). Young girl local to the Ashton area. After losing her arm in a car accident she got mixed in with the wrong crowd, but took inspiration from the Spirits of Prominence and constructed a gas-powered prosthetic to help clean up the Ashton City streets.
  • Zach – Ellhaym Tsukimono (Kageko). A teenage girl who enjoys exploring and finding secrets. A fairly recent transfer student, she’s only been around for a year or so.
  • Charlie – Alexis (Spring-Heeled Jane). A former circus acrobat who was sent to foster care when it was revealed the circus was a front for organized crime.  She now employs her talents by stealing from criminals.



  1. Hallway Steve! You will be missed this summer!
    Travis — this Ashton Monster Hearts campaign gets bonus points if you convince Nate to play Ghost Hallway Steve.

    1. I am afraid Nate is tied up with playing other characters, but if I can find a way to swing it, I will attempt to get all the points. The Scorekeeper demands it (and by Scorekeeper I mean Sliss).

      1. I…
        Now I must make a point-scoring chart.

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