Ashton City Heroes Ep 29 – Giant Slayer Saves the Day


It has been the longest week. Kidnappings, revealed identities, rogue anti-vigilantes targeting the city’s crime elements, and a ridiculous riddle – and Giant Slayer missed all of it.

Of course, this is Ashton City, and one never stays out of trouble for long…

In other news, The Drunk and the Ugly will be attending Gencon and hosting seminars this year.  If you’re interested in partaking, sign up for “Indie Design the Chicken Salad Way” and “Intro to Skype Gaming: Do’s and Don’ts.”

In addition to Drunk Talk, Sam and Matt have been working on a new segment for the show called “The Drunk and the Spooky,” narrated by Sam, produced by Matt, and written by whoever wants to send us stories!  We’ll be posting the first recording of that soon on our new Youtube Channel and its associated Tumblr, and posting the audio here on The Drunk and the Ugly.  We’ll follow with a new story every month.

Finally, thanks to Memal25, Beardface5000, Anupstart, and Stiefund for reviewing the show on iTunes, thanks to UnitOmega for retweeting our show announcements on Twitter, and thanks to the curator of the F*** Yeah Drunk and Ugly Podcast tumblr for spreading word about the show, archiving fan entries, and creating some original content.  All you guys are super great!

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Side Chatter


  • Manda – Ryder Owen (King Rush). Small-time motocross champion with a lot of confidence issues. Turned his love for biking into a way to protect the people he loves and fulfill his need for speed.
  • Matt – John Westfall (Giant Slayer). The frontman, singer, and rhythm guitarist of The Tall Summers, an alternative rock band that is also a vigilance group to boost brand recognition.
  • Nate – Rose Brixby (Tankgirl). Outgoing and friendly girl who moved to Ashton from Prominence after a high-profile kidnapping case. She learned to fight and started buying low-impact supersoldier drug derivatives to make sure she would never be kidnapped again and that she could save others as she was saved.
  • Travis – Metra Crowell (MegaGirl). Young girl local to the Ashton area. After losing her arm in a car accident she got mixed in with the wrong crowd, but took inspiration from the Spirits of Prominence and constructed a gas-powered prosthetic to help clean up the Ashton City streets.
  • Zach – Ellhaym Tsukimono (Kageko). A teenage girl who enjoys exploring and finding secrets. A fairly recent transfer student, she’s only been around for a year or so.
  • Charlie – Alexis (Spring-Heeled Jane). A former circus acrobat who was sent to foster care when it was revealed the circus was a front for organized crime.  She now employs her talents by stealing from criminals.



  1. Hey are you posting anything new on the site today?

    1. never mind what i said also this was a cool ep i love giant slayer he might beat king rush at this rate for my fav ashton charater

    2. Author

      We post stuff at noon CST mondays and fridays!

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