The anti-vigilante Fauna wrecked the day of both MegaGirl and Spring-Heeled Jane, while they managed to uncover some new secrets of her abilities. Kageko was trapped by Diamonds and Spades, then soared into rescue King Rush and Tankgirl.

All in all, an eventful night.  Of course, their troubles aren’t over yet.

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Sunday night in Ashton City: streetlights, bright neon, and more crime than you can shake a stick at.

For our heroes, what should have been a routine patrol quickly explodes in their faces, and becomes much, much more.

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It’s time…to get XTREME. Dirt bike racing has come to Ashton City, and along with it, a host of troubles. Old faces and new threats have come crawling out of the woodwork. Their goals? Collect the bounty on the heads of our vigilantes.

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After barely surviving the onslaught of a full city’s worth of villians, the Ashton City Heroes are weary of the bounty hanging over their heads and those trying to collect it. The heroes attempt to eke out a few mundane days.

Can they possibly find a safe harbor from the storm, or will our young vigilantes be worn down to dust?

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After the revelation that someone has put a bounty on their heads the heroes try to go about their normal lives. But the promise of money and a fight has lured old and new challenger to Ashton. Can the Heroes survive in this “CITY OF VILLIANS”?!

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