Prominence, SC Session 6 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 1)


Six months have passed since Irish’s Mob was decapitated; the body is slowly dying. The companies Irish controlled are under investigation. His soldiers are scattered, his assets seized. In its place is a criminal power vacuum.

Gangs are on the rise, across the city. The South Side Boys, the 843, and the Lords of Sin are vying for control of Prominence, and the city’s citizens are suffering for it.

With new crime, however, arise new challengers. The Olympian is gone, but his friends remain. They are joined by mysterious new vigilantes. Prominence groans under the weight of war.

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Prominence, SC Session 7 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 2)


The heroes of Prominence gained two new members; Clockwork, a dapper man who teleports via explosion, and Opera, a quick-witted martial arts extraordinaire.

Members of all three new gangs have been murdered in ways that fit into the Prominence heroes’ M.Os. Gang violence is still on the rise, and the heroes must move quickly to begin investigating the murders. If an antagonist is attempting to frame the heroes for the killings, they’ll have to shut them down as soon as possible.

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Prominence, SC Session 8 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 3)


Prominence is up in arms. Vigilante impostors are framing the Prominence Heroes for horrific crimes. Gang violence is in full swing, and is apparently being supplemented by a dangerous drug.

Clockwork has been identified as the dangerous fugitive Mark Getman, and has delivered an ultimatum to the criminals of the city.

The heroes are ready to go on the counterattack.

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Prominence, SC Session 9 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 4)


The Liberators are striking back against gang violence and their impostors. An interrogation was conducted, which they managed to flub spectacularly.

The heroes need to regroup, and pool their resources. They need proper focus and direction, and most importantly need a plan.

Can the hard pressed heroes keep their heads above water and find their enemies?

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Prominence, SC Session 10 – Through a Glass Darkly (Part 5)


Prominence is engulfed in flames. The Liberators stepped in to put down a multiple gang firefight in the streets, but their time is running out, and the violence is only escalating.

A versatile and nasty combat drug is on the streets and the heroes are scrambling to uncover its source and its spread.

The Witch has set off to deliver a captured gang lieutenant to her police contacts, and the Media has been alerted. News teams are assembling, swooping down to interview a dangerous vigilante.

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