Ross Payton’s MaOCT Campaign: An evil cult is trying to raise a horror to take over the world. You need to travel around the country to stop it.

Road Trip Session 19 – Le Degradacion de le Memoria

The gang has emerged (mostly unscathed) from their strange experience with drugs and the Manor. Everette found strange dopplegangers of the gang and led them on a quest. Then, she met her father.

The session starts in medias res, as Everett’s father welcomes her home. Then the kids ruin everything.

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Road Trip Session 20 – Pastoral Manor (Part 1)

The Summer Road Trip continues, now with more Cool Rat! An evil queen was killed, and now the gang is hitting the beach. Things will calm down, if they have anything to say about it. (Hint: they don’t. )

Because the cult is still in motion. And the postcards are still pointing in strange directions. From the beaches of Florida, they must trek north to New England, where strife is in full sway on a country farm.

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Road Trip Session 21 – Pastoral Manor (Part 2)

The road trip swung north last session, heading up to Maine to visit some wilderness. There’s a war going on for Pastoral Manor.

During lunch, a crow came down to talk to the group. They proceeded to try and catch it. They wound up in traps and made contact with the Animal Resistance movement. Their leader is named Blackbriar and the kids want to punch him out.

Can all of this mayhem be sorted out? Will Coolrat continue to be rad? Will frogs somehow be worked into this adventure? FIND OUT NOW

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Road Trip Session 22 – The Lone Streetlamp

Daniel’s in the hospital, so it must be Thursday. Suddenly, everyone realizes that they can’t remember the last time they had a proper meal. Their immediate choice? Steak and Cheese House.

Can the gang survive the food coma from eating too much steak and cheese? Will they resume their quest? Or will they be caught up in the strange goings on in the local Mercy Hospital?

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Road Trip Session 23 – Are You There, Witch? (Part 1)

Donny’s terrible van is quickly busing the group way out of that crazy hospital horror scene. Straight out of the fire and into the frying pan. Their next postcard is apparently leading them straight to Oz, and the Emerald City.

Someone’s stirring up a revolution, and the sitting leaders of Oz are helpless to stop them. The kids will have to uncover who’s behind the movement, and stop them before it’s too late.

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