Little Fears is a game dealing with the monster in the closet, the giant spider under the cellar stairs, and all other fears children have when they are between the ages of 6 and 12. Little Fears has the players take on the role of children and confront the monsters that lurk in the world. These monsters are very powerful and the players are hard pressed to defeat them. The only way to defeat them is by confronting their fears, and from that experience gaining the strength to defeat the monster.

Little Fears Session 13 – Sucrose Park (Part 1)


Having survived their grossest adventure, the Apple Court kids managed to succeed against the foe turning local kids into chocolate. Easter weekend was accomplished, and from there, the rest of the school year.

Good report cards and good behaviors mean that when school ends, it’s time for a celebratory roadtrip to the Most Radical Place on Earth (TM).

Sucrose Park awaits; cloaked in splendor, skatepads, and pure sugar.

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Little Fears Session 14 – Sucrose Park (Part 2)


The kids of Apple Court are firmly entrenched in the deepening weirdness of Sucrose Park. The party is split, some in the Tunnel of Leurrve and others going to the scary Abyss ride.

Sucrose Park is trying to get its claws in all who have passed inside. Can our intrepid middle school heroes survive the park and its machinations?
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Little Fears Session 15 – Sucrose Park (Part 3)


Sucrose Park has fully wrapped its strange hands around the kids of Apple Court, drawing them directly to its cheese scented bosom.

Very, very odd things are happening in Sucrose Park (beyond the strange romantic drama quickly developing). Can the children of Apple Court escape the Park’s grasping fingers?
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Little Fears Session 16 – Away For Business (Part 1)


The children of Apple Court survived their vacation trip to Sucrose Park, invoking the sacred rites of Space Jam. Having returned home, it’s time to visit their friend Jenna, who is recovering from having the mumps, and belatedly celebrate her birthday.

Summer vacation is still going, what kind of new trouble can the Apple Court Posse get into?

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Little Fears Session 17 – Away For Business (Part 2)


The Apple Court kids are on the trail of their friend Daryl, who has seemingly vanished in the middle of the night. It’s time to posse up, and track him down.

Supernatural forces are once again at work in Thebes, and it falls to our intrepid youngsters to investigate the mystery.

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