Gobblin’ – The True Spirit of Goblin Day

It’s that time of year again (probably). When it starts getting cold, that’s when every goblin that remembers celebrates Goblin Day, a time to eat and relax and reflect on… where did we come from again?

The party lives in Mauler, a former human shopping mall where the goblins have settled inside various stores as their homes. It’s large and sturdy for what goblins are used to (compared to huts and rubble), so life has been pretty cushy here.

Character Explanations


  • Charlotte – Garza the Shaman. Pushy old hermit with hair like seaweed and a fondness for raising rockboars and other wild pigs. Maternal and wise when she feels like it, but plenty noisy and abrasive when she doesn’t.
  • Ray – Tome the Healer. A kind but firm-handed healer. He’s not much in a fight, but his intimidating nature, penetrating logic, and knowledge of what goblin parts go where prove more than just useful, but lifesaving. Even just reading a passage from his dusty, thick medical textbook puts goblins’ minds at ease, since they act like  they feel better to not look stupid.
  • Marquez – Stinknife the Coward. Jittery and foul-mouthed, Stinknife has a potbelly and a twitch that fail to explain his impressive talents for climbing and stabbing.
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