Quick Update – Recording Issues

Hey there Internet! Unfortunately, we’re taking this week off from posting an episode. Our new Dark Heresy campaign was scheduled to go up today, but due to issues with Skype’s API updating early this year and some of our members having their belongings being currently packed away in boxes for moves, we couldn’t get a hold of all of the recordings.

We chose not to deliver a subpar opener to a new campaign and instead will take the time to make sure the content we’re putting up is quality.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Youtube channel and hang tight; we’ll be back next week.


  1. Oh, new Dark Heresy, not what I was expecting! I look forward to the crew revisiting/visiting on of my favourite settings again 🙂

  2. Always worth the wait!

  3. More than happy to wait a week. You guys always put out great stuff – plus it gives me a chance to work my way through the hueg back catalog you have.

    Total Bullsh*t is currently assaulting my earholes. It is very fine.

  4. I’ve taken a brake from listening to you guys a few months back, to listen to a few of my other podcasts. I come back today and I see the horrible evidence that Nate and Manda aren’t on the main cast any more. What Happened! Nothing bad I hope.

    1. I’d really like an answer to this question, or a pointer to were I could find it.

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