Dark Heresy Episode 1 – Seeds of Heresy (Part 1)

The Imperial Inquisition exists to root out the enemies of the Emperor, wherever they roam. A festering rot has set in on the agrarian world of Novabella, and a fresh team of Inquisitorial Acolytes must cut it out at the source.

Danger lurks around every corner and masks itself in smiling faces. It will take all the cunning available to survive.



  1. Excellent. I’m glad to see you guys getting back into the WH40k games. Is this 2nd Edition?

    1. It is. It’s much less finicky than the old system.

  2. Really hype for this, loving how the setting is presented thus far. Also, props to Sam for taking full advantage of playing a bureaucrat in 40k with all the power that comes with it.

  3. Although I haven’t got through the entire recording yet, I’ve got to give props for taking some cues from the Gumshoe system. In games like this where things can get investigation-heavy, it’s always good to give the players something for their efforts rather than a ‘you fail’ scenario.

    Bring on the grimmest of darks.

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