MaOCT – The House on Ivy Lane


It’s just after Halloween, and some rowdy, totally normal, kids are getting up to hijinks in their neighborhood.  One of them has heard about a mysterious house that belonged to a witch, and all of them are getting involved in this investigation.  Zoinks.


  • Travis – Tommy C. Mechanic-type.  Has some anger issues but is otherwise pretty normal.  Carries around a pipe wrench.
  • Nate – Matilda Koslova. Russian exchange student and adopted sister of Tommy.  Enjoys partying, kicking butt, drinking, kicking butt, movies with explosions, and actual explosions.
  • Axe – Ryan Newton.  Scrawny ninja type who keeps getting dragged into trouble by Matilda and Tommy.
  • Charlie – Georgia Earlay.  Hipster-ish girl who is not weird at all.


  1. Starting this AP, first thought: this is “The Last Witch Hunter” Jr. edition.

    Loving it thus far.

  2. I had not heard of this series! Well another thing to add to the reading list, thanks!

  3. Pretty sure I closed the window before I sent this.

    I am currently 3 years behind on the backlog of episodes before I reach this one. Currently on the ISS basement episode

    Regardless, while listening to the podcast I happened upon this discrete events.
    After shelving my Full Metal Alchemist mangas, I watched the final episode of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood on a lark. Then I read the web-comics Widdershins and Sins Comics.

    Thus I came up with this idea. One that I would run if I could write as well as RPPR or Drunk and Ugly GMs.

    A game where the kids have the embodiments some of of the 7 deadly sins and the 7 holy virtues. Each with their own powers and personalities.

  4. @Zach, as a point of note, many forests have caves in them, it’s actually quite common, hills or mountains generally aren’t needed either. Miyamoto himself claims that he was inspired by exploring the caves, lakes and villages in the forests of his childhood home.

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